The Simple Solution

See Your Patients Virtually

Simplicity – Skip the hassle of systems integration, training, and continual support.

Speed – Start using telemedicine today. Nothing to download or install. Works from any device with a web browser.

Safety – Fully encrypted and HIPAA-compliant. We don’t store any PHI.

Simple to Use

No app to download. Just use the internet browser on your preferred device.

What Does It Cost?

AMP Now charges a low monthly fee to providers. Most patients simply pay their copay, no different than a normal visit. Nearly all private insurance cover telemedicine visits just as they do office visits.

What Equipment Do I Need?

You only need a web browser with a camera and a microphone. Most laptop computers, smartphones and tablets have these devices built in. Before you start a call, AMP Now will automatically test your device to ensure it is compatible.

Is There a Mobile App?

There is no need to download an app to use AMP Now. However, AMP Now can be used on most laptops or smartphones. Simply start a call from the website or click on the link in an automated reminder.

Does it work with my EMR?

AMP Now does not require any connection to your EMR. Simply run it in another window while your EMR remains open and document everything in the EMR.

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